Distribution of the assembly groups found in the mouse and human Consortium libraries

Mouse (%)Human (%)
Exact matches2,461 (26)3,454 (24.8)
Homologs1,703 (18)2,134 (15.4)
Novel family members2,951 (31.2)4,900 (35.3)
EST matches only1,578 (16.7)2,488 (17.9)
No match771 (8.1)934 (6.7)
  • Exact matches have BLASTX nrdb P values of e-200 for the same species in nrdb. Homologs have BLASTX nrdb P values of e-100 for other species. Novel family members have BLASTX nrdb P values of e-10 in any species. “EST matches only” are not in the previous categories but have BLASTN dbEST P values of e-10. Assemblies that do not fit in any of these categories are classified as “no match.” Note the similar distribution in both sets.