Examples for functional assignments made for novel transcripts found in the human Consortium libraries

DoTS identifierGODescriptionProtein domain
DT.95216000Cell adhesion90% identity to lithostathine 1 β precursorN-CAM transmembrane
DT.95264275Cell adhesion90% identity to 9% of AL031588EGF-like protocadherin
DT.97411316Chaperone93% identity to 22% of peptidyl-prolyl cis-trans isomerase B precursor)Zn-finger
DT.94156620Enzyme58% identity to 68% of pancreatic lipase-related protein 1Lipase
DT.94309574Enzyme85% identity to 40% of TESP4Peptidase
DT.97353778Enzyme73% identity to 28% of trypsinogen 16Peptidase
DT.97386400Enzyme regulator67% identity to 10% of calcineurin-binding protein cabin 1Protein phosphatase inhibitor
DT.94292455Ligand binding86% identity to 80% similar to GTP-binding proteinGTP binding
DT.97347758Ligand binding66% identity to 16% of DNA repair protein RAD50ATP binding
DT.94327513Signal transducer93% identity to 21% of frizzled homolog 10Transmembrane
DT.94126502Transporter76% identity to 21% of NAD-dependent formate dehydrogenase α-subunitCation transporter
DT.97776412Nucleic acid binding75% identity to 17% of SRE-ZBPZn-finger
DT.97777897Nucleic acid binding60% identity to zinc finger protein 133Zn-finger
DT.97805496Nucleic acid binding55% identity to 65% of XM_116105Zn-finger
DT.91889905Nucleic acid binding78% identity to 79% of XM_085788 similar to HNRP A1Single-strand RNA binding protein
DT.92325855Nucleic acid binding89% identity to 11% of hypothetical protein KIAA0017Suppressor of hairless
DT.91638544Nucleic acid binding87% identity to 35% of nuclear autoantigen Sp-100Bromodomain
DT.97822149Nucleic acid binding77% identity to 51% of DAX-1 protein-humanNuclear receptor
DT.95264017Nucleic acid binding97% identity to 30% of XM_009529 hypothetical proteinLeucine zipper