TNF-α promoter polymorphism (G-308A) as a predictor for the development of type 2 diabetes by the study group (logistic regression analysis)

Regression coefficientPOR95% CI
Model 1 (univariate)
TNF-α −308A allele
  All participants0.5870.0341.801.05–3.09
  Control group0.1110.7511.120.56–2.22
  Intervention group1.4390.0034.221.62–11.0
Model 2 (multivariate)
Intervention group
  TNF-α −308A allele1.4650.0064.391.53–12.3
  Weight at baseline0.0470.0051.051.01–1.08
  Weight change0.1810.0011.211.08–1.35
  • TNF-α genotypes were encoded as 0 = the G-308G genotype and 1 = the −308A allele. Weight change was calculated as (weight [kg] 3 years − weight [kg] baseline)/weight (kg) baseline × 100%. If diabetes was diagnosed before the 3-year examination, the weight at the visit when diabetes was diagnosed was used in statistical analyses.