TNF-α promoter (−308 A allele) and IL-6 promoter (C-174C genotype) risk genotypes as predictors for the development of type 2 diabetes in 41 subjects with both risk alleles and 240 subjects without any risk allele by the study group (logistic regression analysis)

Regression coefficientPOR95% CI
Model 1 (univariate)
TNF-α and IL-6 risk genotypes
  All participants0.7980.0452.221.02–4.85
  Control group0.2250.6791.250.43–3.63
  Intervention group1.8220.0016.192.06–18.6
Model 2 (multivariate)
Intervention group
  TNF-α and IL-6 risk genotypes1.6440.0095.181.51–17.8
  Weight at baseline0.0450.0081.051.01–1.08
  Weight change0.1800.0011.201.07–1.34
  • Genotypes were encoded as 0 = the presence of the G-308G genotype of the TNF-α gene and the −174G allele of the IL-6 gene and 1 = the presence of the −308A allele of the TNF-α gene and the C-174C genotype of the IL-6 gene. Weight change was calculated as (weight [kg] 3 years − weight [kg] baseline)/weight (kg) baseline × 100%. If diabetes was diagnosed before the 3-year examination, the weight at the visit when diabetes was diagnosed was used in statistical analyses.