P values obtained by using a regression model as a score test for association

Affected offspringCase subjects
HLA-DRB10.203 (1,755)0.130 (1,604)
INS VNTR0.054 (1,849)0.201 (1,599)
CTLA4 (CT60)0.028 (1,816)0.742 (1,583)
Age at onset0.240 (2,023)0.343 (1,657)
Sex0.951 (2,061)0.029 (1,593)
Parent of Origin0.681 (2,064)N/A
  • Data are P (n individuals). Associations were investigated between 1858C>T/Trp620 and HLA-DRB1 (DR3/DR3, DR3/DR4, DR4/DR4, DR3/non-DR4, DR4/non-DR3, and non-DR3/non-DR4), INS VNTR in two subgroups (I/I and I/III + III/III), the CTLA4 CT60 SNP, age at onset of type 1 diabetes, and sex in case subjects (research design and methods). The regression model for the affected offspring included a population variable. N/A, not available.