Chromosomal locations of QTLs mapped in the LGXSM RI strain set on a high- and low-fat diet

Chromosome 1
    296–478Renal; shadow: tail, {spleen}*, trig
    74–415Insulin; shadow: totfat, renal, mesen, ing, leptin, necwt, chol, tail
    48–103Totfat, repro, renal, mesen, ing, leptin, necwt, chol, tail; shadow: adult, {kidney}
    196–507Chol, heart; shadow: totfat, repro, renal, mesen, necwt, trig
    113–155Insulin; shadow: {AUC20}♂, kidney, heart, spleen
Chromosome 2
    1–119{Kidney}, adult, shadow: {AUC20}
    370–409Shadow: AUC20, mesen, {kidney}, {trig}♀
    412–265Shadow: totfat, repro, renal, mesen, ing, leptin, necwt, adult, chol
Chromosome 3
    60–167Mesen, necwt, chol; shadow: totfat, renal
    182–106{Trig}; shadow: adult, heart, {kidney}, {tail}
    106–111Spleen; shadow: totfat, repro, {chol}
Chromosome 4
    235–89Repro; shadow: totfat, renal, {G020}, {AUC20}
    133–135Shadow: {G020}♂, {liver}
    332–203Shadow: renal, mesen, {tail}
    148–150Shadow: spleen, {FFA}
Chromosome 5
    47–352{Kidney}; shadow: totfat, renal, mesen, leptin, chol, {spleen}
    267–188{Trig}; shadow: {spleen},
Chromosome 6
    236–186{G020}, {AUC20}; shadow: spleen, {tail}
    209–14FFA, tail; shadow: {adult}, trig
    198–201Shadow: {mesen}, {leptin}, kidney, spleen, tail
Chromosome 7
    21–346Heart; shadow: {chol}, {trig}, {FFA}♀, spleen
    S1–281Shadow: kidney
    238-S4Mesen, adult, tail; shadow: totfat, repro, renal, ing, leptin, necwt
    58–80{Spleen}; shadow: {trig}, {kidney}
    312–56{Totfat}, {repro}, {renal}, {mesen}, {ing}, {leptin}, {necwt}; shadow: {adult}♀, trig, {tail}
Chromosome 9
    218–289{FFA}; shadow: {trig}, {chol}
    266–267Shadow: {adult}, tail
    201–19Shadow: {totfat}, {repro}, {renal}, {mesen}, {ing}, {leptin}, {necwt}, {heart}
Chromosome 10
    213–65Shadow: {trig}, {FFA}♀, tail♂
    295–305Totfat, repro, renal, mesen, ing, necwt, liver, heart; shadow: kidney, spleen, tail
Chromosome 11
    71–173{Trig}; shadow: G020♂, AUC20, {FFA}, spleen
    349–41Totfat; shadow: repro, mesen, ing, necwt, tail
    285–48{Liver}, kidney; shadow: {G020}♂, {AUC20}
Chromosome 12
    145–153{Adult}, {chol}; shadow: {totfat}, {mesen}, {ing}, {necwt}
    2–6Spleen, heart; shadow: totfat, repro, renal, kidney, tail
    231-S2Adult; shadow: totfat, renal, mesen, ing, necwt, chol, liver
Chromosome 13
    207–64Chol, trig; shadow: totfat, renal, mesen, ing, leptin, necwt♀, spleen, tail
    147–35Shadow: totfat, repro, renal, mesen, necwt, chol, heart
Chromosome 14
    S1–266{FFA}, kidney; shadow: spleen
Chromosome 15
    13-S2{Heart}; shadow: tail
    203–66Shadow: {totfat}, {repro}, {renal}, {mesen}, {adult}♀, trig
    2–42{Chol}, {spleen}; shadow: G020, AUC20
Chromosome 16
    28–152{Necwt}♀; shadow: {totfat}, {renal}♀, {mesen}, {ing}, {leptin}, {liver}, {spleen}, {kidney}, {tail}, {AUC20}
Chromosome 17
    19–115Kidney, adult, chol; shadow: totfat, repro, renal, mesen, ing, leptin, necwt, insulin, {AUC20}, liver
Chromosome 18
    64–94Shadow: {trig}, liver
    17–213Totfat, ing, leptin; shadow: repro, mesen, necwt, chol♀, tail
Chromosome 19
    43–16G020♂, AUC20, liver; shadow: kidney, spleen
    111–137Shadow: repro, tail
Chromosome X
    55–10{G020}, {AUC20}; shadow: trig, kidney
    121–186{Totfat}♀, {repro}♀, {renal}♀, {mesen}♀, {leptin}♀, {necwt}, {chol}♀, {insulin}, {liver}, {spleen}; shadow: {ing}, {adult}♀
  • Chromosomal locations are identified by markers spanning support intervals. Marker names are DXMitY, where X is the chromosome number and Y is the marker number given in the table. QTLs are listed first followed by potential shadow QTLs (shadow). Trait designations are given in the note indicated with an asterisk. Underlined traits are rated as genome-wide significant QTLs, while traits not underlined should be considered as suggestive QTLs.

  • *

    * No parentheses for QTLs where the LG/J allele leads to higher trait values and {} enclose QTLs where the SM/J allele leads to higher values.

  • Adult = growth from 10–20 weeks.

  • Italic font indicates that the QTL is diet dependent, only being apparent on a high-fat diet.

  • ♂, male-specific QTL; ♀, female-specific QTL. AUC20, area under glucose tolerance curve at 20 weeks; chol, cholesterol level; FFA, free fatty acid level; G020, fasting glucose level at 20 weeks; heart, heart weight; ing, inguinal fat depot weight; insulin, fasting insulin level at 20 weeks; kidney, kidney weight; leptin, fasting leptin level at 20 weeks; liver, liver weight; mesen, mesenteric fat depot weight; necwt, body weight at necropsy; renal, renal fat depot weight; repro, reproductive fat depot weight; spleen, spleen weight; tail, tail length; totfat, sum of the four fat depots; trig, triglyceride levels.