Relative quantitation of mutant and wild-type mRNA transcript levels.

Control 2R171XI414G415ATCG→CCAP291fsinsCG207DR229P
Median ΔCt0.1451.09518.013.845−0.1050.745
Interquartile range0–0.460.37–1.816.47–20.130.19–12.080.81–1.09−0.22 to 26.62
% Wild type7840<0.0169352
P value0.1560.009<0.00010.0010.5460.03
  • ΔCt refers to the difference between the crossing point for the C allele and the T allele. ΔΔCt refers to this figure normalized to the controls. The median ΔCt values and interquartile range are shown for control 2, R171X, 1414G415ATCG→CCA, P291fsinsC, R229P, and G207D. The calculated levels of the mutant transcripts are shown with their P values as determined by Mann-Whitney test.