Effect of cycloheximide treatment on mRNA transcript levels.

TreatmentΔCtΔΔCt% Normal transcriptP value
R171X (CHX −)1.2251.435370.002
R171X (CHX +)0.3750.585670.185
I414G415ATCG→CCA (CHX −)18.6818.89<0.010.001
I414G415ATCG→CCA (CHX +)0.180.39760.603
P291fsinsC (CHX −)5.986.1920.001
P291fsinsC (CHX +)−0.38−0.171120.776
R229P (CHX −)0.7750.985510.03
R229P (CHX +)1.2451.455360.003
G207D (CHX −)0.020.23860.580
G207D (CHX +)−0.58−0.371290.656
  • ΔCt refers to the difference between the crossing point for the C allele and the T allele. ΔΔCt refers to this figure normalized to the controls. Median ΔCt values and SDs are shown for all mutations with and without cycloheximide treatment. The calculated levels of the mutant transcript are given together with their P values as determined by Mann-Whitney test.