Peripheral blood chimerism in study animals

nGFP+ cellsChimerism
GFP+ donors390.9 (89.4–92.2)100
Wild-type C57BL/630.28 (0.22–0.35)NA
BMT recipients at 4 weeks2481.4 (77.1–84.5)89.5 (84.8–92.9)
BMT recipients at 3 months1087.8 (82.9–90.8)96.6 (91.2–99.9)
  • Data are percent and are expressed as mean (range). The percentage of GFP+ nucleated cell in the recipient blood was determined by flow cytometric analysis 4 weeks and 3 months (experiment 1) after BMT. Levels of donor chimerism were calculated by the following formula: donor chimerism (%) = (% GFP+ cells of the BMT recipient/ % GFP+ cells of actin GFP-transgenic mice) × 100.