Bone marrow contribution to islet β-cells and pancreatic exocrine cells

nDonor-derived β-cells
Donor-derived exocrine cells
4–6 weeks3 months4–6 weeks3 months
Partial pancreatectomy90/30,0000/20,0000/>100,0001/>100,000
All240/60,000 (NA)2/50,000 (0.004)0/>240,000 (NA)5/>300,000 (<0.002)
  • Data represent number of cells co-stained for GFP and insulin/total number of cells examined; percent is given in parentheses for “All” cells. Numbers of analyzed cells were approximated as described in research design and methods.

  • *

    * Because of the high portion of non–β-cells in the islets of STZ-administered mice, a cocktail of the four major islet hormones was used to stain all endocrine cells in these animals. The number of analyzed cells in this field therefore includes all endocrine cells, not only β-cells.