Logistic regression analysis of the relation between the metabolic syndrome and prevalence of high circulating oxLDL

Subjects without metabolic syndromeSubjects with metabolic syndrome
High oxLDL >1.90 mg/dl1.00 (—)1.82 (1.49–2.23)
 Adjusted for age, sex, ethnicity, and smoking status
 Adjusted for age, sex, ethnicity, smoking status, and LDL cholesterol1.00 (—)2.01 (1.61–2.52)
High oxLDL >1.58% of LDL, adjusted for age, sex, ethnicity, and smoking status1.00 (—)2.56 (2.05–3.20)
  • Data are OR (95% CI). The ORs for high oxLDL (exceeding the 90th percentile of distribution for subjects without the metabolic syndrome) for those with the metabolic syndrome were determined by logistic regression analysis comparing with subjects without the metabolic syndrome.