Prevalence (%) of GAD65 AA positivity by diabetes status and race/ethnicity among subgroups, NHANES III participants

Non-Hispanic whites
Non-Hispanic blacks
Mexican Americans
No diabetesDiabetesNo diabetesDiabetesNo diabetesDiabetes
All diabetes*
 Participants age <75 years1.
 Participants age ≥75 years3.13.105.300
 C-peptide ≥ 0.2 pmol/ml2.
Physician-diagnosed diabetes at ≥40 years of age
 All participants2.
 Diabetic participants not on insulin2.
 Diabetic participants on insulin2.
 Participants with C-peptide ≥0.2 pmol/ml2.
 Diabetic participants not on insulin and C-peptide ≥0.2 pmol/ml2.
  • *

    * Diabetes status based on self-reported history of diabetes, diabetes medication use, or fasting ADA criteria.

  • P < 0.05, diabetic group vs. nondiabetic group.

  • Diabetes status based on positive history of diabetes only (self-reported history of diabetes and current diabetes treatment), and participants in diabetes group limited to those diagnosed after the age of 40.