Correlation between serum resistin levels at baseline and changes (from baseline) in metabolic variables in prospective analyses

Unadjusted log baseline resistinAdjusted for change in percent body fat
Δ Percent body fat0.34*
Δ Weight0.24
Δ Fasting plasma glucose0.180.10
Δ 2-h plasma glucose−0.12−0.21
Δ Fasting plasma insulin0.36*0.26
Δ 2-h plasma insulin0.100.08
Δ Log M−0.100.02
Δ Log AIR (μU/ml)−0.06−0.06
Δ BSGO−0.28−0.19
Δ HGO0.37*0.23
  • Changes are expressed as follow-up variable adjusted for baseline and adjusted for sex, age at follow-up, time of follow-up, and change in body fat. Data given for n = 34.

  • *

    * P < 0.05.