Multivariate associations between serum resistin levels at baseline and change in percent body fat and insulin sensitivity (M) adjusted for sex, age at follow-up and time of follow-up.

EstimateStandard errorP
Body fat at follow-up (%)
 Age at follow-up (years)−
 Body fat at baseline (%)0.510.090.0001
 Time of follow-up (years)0.0000080.000070.9
 Serum resistin (ng/ml)
M at follow-up (mg · kg EMBS−1 · min−1)
 Age at follow-up (years)−0.0040.0020.1
 Body fat at baseline (%)−
 Body fat at follow-up (%)0.0010.0040.8
M at baseline (mg · kg EMBS−1 · min−1)
 Time of follow-up (years)0.000010.000020.6
 Serum resistin (ng/ml)