PCA of pancreatic cell preparations in plasma

PCA (mU/106 cells)*
Experiment 1Experiment 2Experiment 3
Pancreatic cell isolates
 Endocrine fraction
  Normal plasma663067
 Exocrine fraction
  Normal plasma295123ND
 Cultured duct cells
  Normal plasma235201270
  Factor VII-depleted plasma112
CAPAN-2 cell line
 Cell extract
  Normal plasma839688579
  Factor VII-depleted plasma13108
  Normal plasma9710674
  • *

    * PCA was assessed in plasma as described after addition of cell extracts or CAPAN-2 cell line supernatant;

  • the endocrine fraction contained 46, 49, and 52% of endocrine cells in experiments 1, 2, and 3, respectively;

  • PCA values in CAPAN-2 supernatant were corrected for supernatant volume and number of cells per well to allow comparison with cell extracts values. ND, not determined.