Transcription factors and other key genes involved in the development and maintenance of the endocrine pancreas

GeneChromosomeClosest markerEstimated distance between marker and geneMultipoint LOD at D5S407
PBX11q23D1S1963 cM1.131.25
NeuroD/β22q32D2S1522.5 cM0.002.38
NKX6.14q21.2-22D4S15380.8 cM2.070.24
ISL15p11-q13D5S4075 cMNDND
PAX47q32D7S5301.7 cM5.260.20
NGN310q21.3D10S5372.0 cM0.421.51
INS11p15.5TH8,000 bp2.000.58
PAX611p13D11S9044 cM0.890.61
D11S9071 cM0.382.04
HNF1A12q24.2D12S3661 cM0.401.11
D12S3424 cM0.002.02
IPF1/PDX113q12.1D13S1920.2 cM0.002.74
HNF6A15q21.1-q21.2CYP191 cM2.060.53
ISL215q23D15S1140.1 cM0.751.02
D15S1251 cM0.99*1.25
HNF3B20p11D20S1125 cM0.321.75
IA-120p11D20S1123 cM0.321.75
D20S1074 cM0.003.13
HNF4A20q12-q13.1D20S1783 cM0.461.36
  • Genotypes used for this interaction analysis were produced during a genome-wide scan for type 1 diabetes susceptibility genes (5). The interaction analysis was not presented in this report.

  • *

    * LOD for positive multipoint interaction between D15S125 and chromosome 5 was 3.2 at D5S647. ND, not determined.