Ten-year incidence and ORs for type 2 diabetes according to the category of insulin secretion and insulin resistance at baseline

Baseline insulin sensitivity and secretionPerson-yearsDiabetes casesIncidence rate/1,000 person-years (95% CI)OR (95% CI)P value
Normal sensitivity, normal secretion1,34832.2 (0–4.7)1.0
Normal sensitivity, low secretion2,034136.4 (2–9–9.9)3.0 (0.8–10.7)0.093
Normal secretion, low sensitivity2,0002211.0 (6.4–15.6)5.0 (1.5–17.3)0.010
Low sensitivity, low secretion1,3372115.7 (9.0–22.3)7.1 (2.1–24.4)0.002
  • Unadjusted incidence rates are per 1,000 person-years. ORs and P values are derived from a logistic regression model adjusted for age and sex. The overall P value is 0.007. The slightly lower number of cases with diabetes is due to missing serum for insulin measurements in a few subjects. Normal sensitivity, HOMA-IR ≤ median; low sensitivity, HOMA-IR ≥median; low sensitivity, HOMA-IR> median; normal secretion, Sluiter’s Index ≥ median; low secretion, Sluiter’s Index < median.