−866G/A UCP2 polymorphism and associated risk for type 2 diabetes

n%POR (95% CI) (univariate analysis)P*OR (95% CI) (multivariate analysis)P
Whole cohort of diabetic patients
Whole cohort of nondiabetic control subjects
 −866G/A26047.10.82 (0.63–1.06)0.13
 −866A/A529.20.0371.36 (0.90–2.05)0.13
Diabetic women
Nondiabetic women
 −866G/A15647.30.78 (0.54–1.11)0.160.77 (0.54–1.10)0.15
 −866A/A247.30.011§1.84 (1.03–3.28)0.0371.82 (1.02–3.24)0.042
  • *

    * P values and their OR for genotypes were calculated by logistic regression analysis;

  • P values for multivariate analyses were adjusted for age and BMI;

  • P value for the at-risk allele recessive model, assigning numbers to the genotypes of 0, 0, and 1 for G/G, G/A, and A/A, respectively, by χ2 test;

  • §

    § P value for overall comparison between diabetic women and nondiabetic women by χ2 test.