Correlations with AdipoR1 and AdipoR2 mRNA expression levels after adjustment

AdipoR1 mRNA
AdipoR2 mRNA
Fasting serum insulin0.34<
30-min serum insulin (OGTT)0.49<0.010.37<0.05
Mean serum insulin (OGTT)0.48<
Fasting serum C-peptide0.310.060.080.6
30-min serum C-peptide (OGTT)0.510.0010.37<0.05
Mean serum C-peptide (OGTT)0.47<
First-phase insulin secretion (OGTT)0.47<0.010.33<0.05
Glucose infusion rate (clamp)−0.150.4−0.070.7
ISI (clamp)−0.310.06−0.110.5
Fasting plasma triglycerides0.33<0.050.50<0.01
Fasting plasma cholesterol0.39<
  • All metabolic parameters were adjusted for sex, age, waist-to-hip ratio, and body fat. P values were determined by ANOVA on log-transformed data.