Elevation of CL gene (ECLG) expression relative to graft loss

Second transplant99192233375976108
Evidence of sensitization in MLRYesYesNoYesYesYesYesYes
Frequent elevation of mean daily blood glucose*278320173305461470223385
POD difference between elevated blood glucose and ECLG851032518110116331203
ECLG duration61685261196726471
Resume insulin356399208431508513243509
Follow-up through POD416459268491568573303569
  • Data are expressed as the POD relative to islet cell transplantation on POD 0.

  • *

    * Mean daily blood glucose = mean of pre- and postprandial blood glucose for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and bedtime blood glucose;

  • There is an elevated CL gene at POD 60–81 for patient 6 and at POD 127–161 for patient 15. Because these elevations occurred very close to the second transplant, it was difficult to distinguish whether the elevated CL gene was evidence of posttransplantation immune activation or of rejection. For these two patients, the PODs for the elevated CL gene shown in the table were chosen because they were clearly distinct from transplant-related activation.