Additive effects of factors controlled at the recommended levels on the regression and remission on microalbuminuria

Number of factors at salutary levels
Regression of microalbuminuria*1.0 (ref.)1.4 (0.8–2.5)2.4 (1.2–4.6)5.9 (1.3–25.8)
Remission of microalbuminuria*1.0 (ref.)1.2 (0.7–2.2)2.0 (1.01–3.9)6.2 (1.6–24.2)
  • Data are OR (95% CI).

  • *

    * The ORs were adjusted for sex, mean urinary albumin excretion in the initial evaluation period, the use of ACE inhibitors or ARBs, and the incidence cohort.

  • Absence of any of the three factors at a salutary level was considered the reference category (ref.).