Summary of multiple multivariate logistic regressions for retinopathy

Covariate effects from multiple modelsdfχ2P valueR2
Unadjusted effect
    DCCT mean A1C134.3<0.00010.142
    EDIC study mean A1C140.5<0.00010.168
    Furosine, CML, pentosidine, fluorescence, acid/pepsin soluble662.2<0.00010.258
    Pentosidine, fluorescence, acid/pepsin soluble421.80.00020.090
    Furosine, CML259.4<0.00010.246
Adjusted effect
    DCCT mean A1C effect adjusted for
Furosine, CML10.00.98740.000
    EDIC study mean A1C effect adjusted for
Furosine, CML126.0<0.00010.108
    Furosine, CML effect adjusted for
Pentosidine, fluorescence, acid/pepsin soluble246.3<0.00010.192
    DCCT mean A1C232.7<0.00010.136
    EDIC study mean A1C245.9<0.00010.190
    Pentosidine, fluorescence, acid/pepsin soluble effect adjusted for
Furosine, CML44.80.30340.020
    Furosine effect adjusted for
DCCT mean A1C122.2<0.00010.092
EDIC study mean A1C133.5<0.00010.139
    CML effect adjusted for
DCCT mean A1C114.4<0.00010.061
EDIC study mean A1C127.6<0.00010.114
  • Dependent variable: three or more–step progression of retinopathy on the Early Treatment of Diabetic Retinopathy Scale or scatter laser therapy from DCCT close out through EDIC study year 10. As defined in the statistical methods section, χ2 and P values are from likelihood ratio test, and R2 is entropy R2.