Multivariable-adjusted for CVD events associated with the HOMA-IR and the ISI0,120 in the upper quartile and/or the metabolic syndrome

Model AModel B
HOMA-IR (4th quartile)1.7 (1.1–2.7); 0.011.3 (0.8–2.1); 0.24
ISI 0,120 (4th quartile)0.4 (0.2–0.6); 0.00010.5 (0.3–0.8); 0.004
Metabolic syndrome1.9 (1.4–2.5); 0.00011.6 (1.1–2.3); 0.0071.6 (1.2–2.2); 0.003
  • Data are HR (95% CI); P value. All data are adjusted for age, sex, LDL cholesterol, and smoking. Model A includes a single measure of insulin resistance. Model B includes two measures of insulin resistance. HR comparisons are with subjects with insulin resistance levels in the lowest quartile and subjects without the metabolic syndrome. All models include all subjects.