Epidemiological studies showing an association between postprandial hyperglycemia with risk of CVD and mortality

Hoorn Study2-h glucose better predictor of mortality than HbA1cRef. 9
Honolulu Heart Program1-h glucose predicts coronary heart diseaseRef. 10
Chicago Heart Study2-h postchallenge glucose predicts all-cause mortalityRef. 11
DECODEHigh 2-h postload blood glucose is associated with increased risk of death, independent of fasting glucoseRef. 12
Coutinho et al.2-h glucose associated with CHDRef. 13
Whitehall Study, Paris Prospective Study, and Helsinki Policemen Study2-h postchallenge glucose predicts all-cause and CHD mortalityRef. 14
Diabetes Intervention StudyPostmeal but not fasting glucose is associated with CHDRef. 15
  • CHD, coronary heart disease.