Comparisons between low and high serum calcium groups of women adjusted for serum 25-OH vitamin D and PTH

Low calcium groupHigh calcium groupP
Glucose (mmol/l)4.71 ± 0.065.23 ± 0.09<0.001
Insulin (pmol/l)61.1 ± 4.475.4 ± 6.8NS
Insulin resistance1.79 ± 0.132.55 ± 0.28<0.05
β-Cell function184.5 ± 33.2144.1 ± 25.1NS
  • Data are means ± SE of raw values. Significance assessed using Student’s t test. Prior to analysis, total serum calcium was adjusted for 25-OH vitamin D and PTH, serum glucose for age, β-cell function for age, and 25-OH vitamin D using linear regression analysis.