Expression of relevant cellular markers in human exfoliated primary cells and HEPTECs

Cellular markermRNA*Protein*Cell type
Cytokeratin-7ND+++High in distal cells and bladder cells and low in proximal cells
Aquaporin-2ND++Collecting duct
ENaCα++++++Collecting duct and distal cells
ENaCβ/γ++NDCollecting duct and distal cells
PPARγ/α/δ+++PPARγ onlyCollecting duct and distal cells/proximal cells
NaCl cotransporter+++NDProximal cells/connecting tubules
Aquaporin-2ND+++Collecting duct
L1-CAM (cell adhesion molecule)ND+++Collecting duct
Aminopeptidase-N (CD13)ND+++Proximal cells
Sodium-glucose transporters (SGLT2, GLUT1, and GLUT2)++++++Proximal cells
Alkaline phosphataseND+++Proximal cells
Uroplakin IIIND+++Bladder cells
Mineralocortcoid receptor+++NDConnecting tubules/distal cells/collecting duct
  • Expression of cellular markers of human primary exfoliated cells: 1) bladder/urethra (uroplakin III/cytokeratin 7), 2) proximal tubular cells (CD13 aminopepetidase-N/SGLT2, 3) renal distal tubular/collecting duct cells (aldosterone receptor, cytokeratin-7, aquaporin-2, and ENaCα) by PCR and/or immunoblotting. Marker level of presence (+ + +).

  • *

    * mRNA (Taqman) and proteins were measured and expressed as relative abundance to gapdh. +, weak expression; ++ high expression; +++ very high expression; ND, not been done.