Linkage disequilibrium ( D′ ) between pairs of SNPs in ACDC

FrequencySNP-12823SNP-11365SNP 45SNP 276SNP 3286
SNP-128230.76 [G/A]−0.98−0.97−0.67−0.93
SNP-113650.57 [G/C]<0.01−0.83−0.48−0.57
SNP 450.91 [T/G]<0.01<0.01−0.970.99
SNP 2760.79 [C/A]<0.01<0.01<0.010.97
SNP 32860.69 [C/T]<0.01<0.01<0.01<0.01
  • The frequency of the more common allele, listed first in brackets, is shown. D′, which represents the degree of linkage disequilibrium between the SNPs expressed as a proportion of the maximum possible given the allele frequencies and the direction of association, is presented above the diagonal. D′ is calculated so that a positive value represents the association between the more common alleles at each SNP, while a negative value represents association between the more common allele at one SNP and the less common allele at the other. P values for the null hypothesis of no association between the alleles (D′ = 0.00) are presented below the diagonal.