Multivariate association of diabetic retinopathy with renal structural abnormalities controlling for age, duration of diabetes, sex, HbA1c, mean arterial blood pressure, and BMI

Renal characteristicDiabetic retinopathy severity
Early NPDRModerate to severe NPDR and PDR
Increased GBM width2.68 (1.36–5.29)3.94 (1.14–13.62)0.01
Increased mesangial fractional volume/glomerulus1.12 (0.48–2.63)2.31 (0.72–7.48)0.27
Increased mesangial matrix fraction volume/glomerulus1.41 (0.73–2.75)1.74 (0.55–5.58)0.52
Increased Vv(MC/glom)0.21 (0.05–0.89)0.57 (0.10–3.45)0.06
Decreased peripheral GBM surface density/glomerulus0.96 (0.38–2.44)1.90 (0.51–7.06)0.42
Increased glomerulopathy index2.51 (1.27–4.95)3.66 (0.96–14.02)0.02
  • Data are odds ratio (95% CI). The no retinopathy group (n = 89) is the reference group for the odds ratios. NPDR, nonproliferative diabetic retinopathy; PDR, proliferative diabetic retinopathy.