Univariate proportional hazards analysis of ACE genotype and haplotype with renal outcomes

ACE genotype
Grades of diabetic nephropathy
Persistent microalbuminuria (n = 246)
Severe nephropathy (n = 115)
Single locusGenotype comparisonsHR95% CIWald P valueHR95% CIWald P value
rs1800764CC vs. CT0.940.68–1.320.740.670.39–1.150.15
TT vs. CT0.640.47–0.880.006*0.700.45–1.100.12
Insertion/deletionDD vs. DI1.020.76–1.370.870.960.62–1.480.86
II vs. DI0.670.47–0.950.026*0.690.41–1.150.15
rs9896208TT vs. CT1.090.76–1.560.630.960.57–1.610.88
CC vs. CT0.700.53–0.930.015*0.600.39–0.920.020*
    rs1800764, insertion/ deletion, rs9896208
  • Each model was adjusted for study design (treatment, cohort, cohort by treatment interaction, and stratified by year of entry into DCCT). Indicated haplotypes are compared with the most frequent haplotype pair (CDT/TIC).

  • *

    * P < 0.05.