Partial correlations of changes from baseline to year 1, adjusted for baseline age, sex, and race/ethnicity

WeightProinsulin1/FIISICIRIGRFasting glucoseA1C
Placebo (n = 933)
    Fasting proinsulin0.361
    Fasting glucose0.300.32−0.34−0.49−0.28−0.051
Metformin (n = 937)
    Fasting proinsulin0.331
    Fasting glucose0.260.31−0.34−0.46−0.24−0.061
Lifestyle (n = 946)
    Fasting proinsulin0.371
    Fasting glucose0.340.31−0.41−0.53−0.26−0.061
  • Correlations with an absolute value >0.07 (placebo), >0.06 (metformin), and >0.06 (lifestyle) are significant at the 0.05 level, and correlations are adjusted for age, sex, and race/ethnicity. 1/FI, 1/fasting insulin.