Clinical details of subjects in study

Case subjects
Control subjects
Warren 2 case subjectsWarren 2 probandsYoung-onset type 2 diabetic subjectsPopulation control 1 (Exeter Family Study)Population control 2 (European Cell Culture Collection)Warren 2 trios*Warren 2 duos*
n1,1925412771,176467404 families117 families
Male (%)62535549525857
Median age (years)51 (45–58)56 (50–61)40.0 (35–44)31 (28–35)NA40.0 (35.0–46.0)45.0 (39.3–49.0)
Median BMI (kg/m2)30.6 (27.1–34.9)28.0 (25.3–31.5)32.2 (27.8–36.6)26.3 (24.1–29.0)NA33.0 (29.1–37.6)32.5 (28.2–36.6)
Treatment (diet/oral hypoglycemic agents/insulin) (%)8/66/2618/67/159/38/53§§21/60/1915/57/28
  • Data are median (interquartile range), unless otherwise indicated. Only successfully genotyped subjects included.

  • *

    * *Probands details only given.

  • Age at diagnosis for case subjects and age at study for control subjects. No clinical details were available for the European Cell Culture Collection propulation control samples, but percent male was determined by XY-PCR.

  • BMI measurement for males only, as females were pregnant at time of study.

  • §

    § Control subjects were not on treatment. There were significant differences in age at diagnosis, BMI, and treatment between the three case groups (all P < 0.05). This was mainly explained by the young-onset type 2 diabetic subjects having a younger age at onset, higher BMI, and a higher proportion using insulin.