Clinical and histological characteristics of disease biopsies analyzed by oligonucleotide array–based gene expression profiling and real-time RT-PCR

Sample nameSexAge (years)Histology major diagnosisHistology scoreCreatinine (mg/dl)Proteinuria (g/day)Diabetes typeDiabetes duration (years)HbA1c (%)Retinopathy
    Mean ± SEM58.3 ± 3.42.2 ± 0.43.3 ± 0.710.9 ± 3.47.1 ± 0.3
    Mean ± SEM62 ± 1.73.0 ± 0.45.5 ± 1.111.3 ± 1.77.6 ± 0.4
  • Clinical data are presented for all patients involved in the study, either analyzed by microarrays, real-time RT-PCR, or both. Follow-up of the clinical data revealed in 2 (in boldface type) of the 30 patients with nodular glomerulosclerosis, no evidence for clinically overt diabetes but a light chain deposit disease in DN14 and unclassified nodular glomerulosclerosis with mesangial matrix expansion in DN15.