Relative risk (RR) of a decrease of GFR per year >3.0 ml · min–1 · 0.1.73 m–2 according to selected variables (multivariate analysis) with relative P values

VariableRelative riskP value
R/I ≥80 at baseline10.7 (3.3–15.1)P < 0.0001
Baseline GFR1.8 (0.8–2.9)NS
Baseline AER1.9 (0.7–3.2)NS
Combined artery disease5.2 (1.3–7.1)P < 0.05
Renal histological category at base line6.1 (2.0–12.4)P < 0.01
Duration of the disease1.1 (0.6–1.8)NS
A1C during follow-up1.2 (0.4–2.2)NS
Blood pressure during follow-up1.3 (0.6–2.7)NS
Smoking habit (%)4.3 (1.1–5.9)P < 0.05
  • Data are means (95% CI).