VBM-estimated brain region volume estimates in type 1 diabetic patients (n = 82) versus control subjects (n = 36)

Region (cluster level)Stereotaxic coordinates (mm)
TZ*P valuesGray matter density loss (patients versus control subjects) (%)
Left superior temporal gyrus (397)−68−50114.394.21<0.0014.9
Left middle temporal gyrus−65−5933.693.58<0.0014.9
Left inferior temporal gyrus (129)−59−5−334.354.18<0.0015.0
Left angular gyrus (414)−56−65364.123.97<0.0014.6
Left inferior parietal lobule−54−62453.633.53<0.0014.6
Left medial frontal gyrus (179)−559203.923.79<0.0014.3
Right superior temporal gyrus (105)66−50153.733.62<0.0014.6
Left thalamus−6−883.513.42<0.0015.2
  • *

    * SPM99 T maps from the statistical comparisons were transformed into Z values, and the statistical significance was estimated using random Gaussian fields methods.

  • These areas represent connected regions on the SPM map and therefore have the same percentage of gray matter density loss.