Multivariable adjusted ORs of incident impaired fasting glucose or incident diabetes per SD difference in baseline retinal vessel diameters or AVR stratified on age

Impaired fasting glucose (cases)Diabetes (cases)
Age <70 years23188
    Arteriolar narrowing*1.00 (0.85–1.19)0.98 (0.76–1.28)
    Venular dilatation1.23 (1.02–1.47)1.18 (0.89–1.56)
    AVR1.21 (1.01–1.45)1.13 (0.86–1.47)
Age ≥70 years7430
    Arteriolar narrowing*0.93 (0.68–1.26)1.08 (0.71–1.65)
    Venular dilatation1.02 (0.76–1.37)0.91 (0.60–1.37)
    AVR0.95 (0.70–1.29)1.00 (0.67–1.49)
  • Data are n or ORs (95% CI) adjusted for age, sex, follow-up time, diastolic and systolic blood pressure, smoking, BMI, serum total and HDL cholesterol, C-reactive protein, and carotid artery plaque score.

  • *

    * Per SD decrease in arteriolar diameter.

  • Per SD increase in venular diameter.

  • Per SD decrease in AVR.