Pearson’s correlation coefficients between OGTT-derived insulin sensitivity indexes and liver and muscle insulin sensitivity measured during the clamp

Correlation with TGD/SSPICorrelation with EGP × FPI
HOMA-IR−0.564 (P < 0.0001)0.640 (P < 0.0001)
Matsuda index0.688 (P < 0.0001)−0.4897 (P = 0.0002)
ISIest0.674 (P < 0.0001)−0.4903 (P = 0.0002)
OGIS0.566 (P < 0.0001)−0.3143 (P = 0.02)
  • HOMA-IR index was calculated from fasting plasma glucose and insulin concentrations during the OGTT. The hepatic insulin sensitivity index was calculated using the fasting plasma insulin concentration measured on the day of the insulin clamp. SSPI, steady-state plasma insulin concentration during the last 30 min of the insulin clamp.