Ratio of gene expression in visceral fat from type 2 diabetic versus nonobese women

GeneType 2 diabetic/nonobese
Electron transport chain genes unchanged on microarrays
Downregulated on microarrays
Transcription factors and coregulators implicated in regulation of electron transport gene expression
    PGC1βNo probes1.740.0006
  • *

    * Array data are mean fold change of the probesets representing each genes that are present in more than six samples in at least one group;

  • gene expression was quantified in dataset 1 with real-time quantitative PCR and normalized to 18S, LRP10, and GAPDH. Type 2 diabetes (n = 8), nonobese control subjects (n = 6);

  • not quantified by real-time quantitative PCR. Represented by several probesets on the arrays. Expression was not affected by type 2 diabetes.

  • §

    § TNF-α, ESRRA, GABPA, and GABPB were quantified in dataset 2 and normalized to 18S. n = 10 type 2 diabetes, n = 10 nonobese control subjects. Real-time quantitative PCR results were compared with unpaired t test (one sided).