Tests of association of block-tagging GAD2 SNP combinations with BMI

Block tagging GAD2 SNP combinationGlobal QPDTPHASE (P value)*Significant haplotypes {frequency} (trait mean) [P value]
rs2839669, rs22364180.04911 {0.901} (0.29) [0.051]22 {0.097} (0.14) [0.038]
rs7071922, rs3781117, rs79089750.044111 {0.639} (0.31) [0.048]211 {0.166} (0.14) [0.010]
rs992990, rs928197, rs37811070.032111 {0.629} (0.31) [0.025]221 {0.119} (0.13) [0.014]
  • *

    * Haplotypes of these SNPs are examined in a global (or omnibus) test, with rare (<1% frequency) haplotypes pooled.

  • Significant haplotypes from the haplotype-specific comparisons from QPDTPHASE. 1, common allele; 2, rare allele. For all three GAD2 SNP combinations, only two haplotypes were significant in the haplotype-specific comparisons. The frequency and mean trait values (Z scores) for each haplotype are shown. P values (all uncorrected for multiple testing) are for the haplotype in question tested against all others pooled.