Estimated haplotype frequencies in the sample groups

Haplotype (type 1 diabetes defined)Haplotype*UKPDS LADAW2 Repository LADAExeter YT2D LADAAll casesControl subjects
Class ID−ACT0.4400.3860.2970.4090.336
Class IC+/ID+ACC and AAC0.4010.3850.5680.4110.364
Class III PHTAC0.1150.1900.1220.1400.222
Class III VPHTCC0.0450.0390.0140.0400.078
P1.7 × 10−60.0561.0 × 10−37.9 × 10−6
  • *

    * Allelic combination at −23HphI, +1404Fnu4HI, and +3580MspI SNPs. P = haplotype trend regression P value to test for difference in haplotype frequency distributions between case and control subjects.