Association analysis of high triglycerides and apoB with the SNP rs2144908 in the Finnish and Mexican dyslipidemic study samples

Study samplen*Major/minor alleleHeterozygosity/minor allele frequencyTriglyceride P valueapoB P value
42 Finnish FCHL families230, 117, 127G/A0.30/0.210.02NS
60 Finnish FCHL families706, 202, 257G/A0.31/0.200.008NS
39 Finnish low–HDL cholesterol families427, 49, 113G/A0.31/0.21NSNS
99 Finnish FCHL and low–HDL cholesterol families1,133, 251, 370G/A0.31/
24 Mexican FCHL families314, 59, 142A/G0.50/0.40NS (0.07)0.04
  • *

    * The first value is the number of genotyped individuals, the second value indicates the number of triglyceride affected subjects, and the third value the number of apoB-affected subjects;

  • risk alleles are indicated in bold;

  • allele frequency in all family members.