Association analysis of lipid phenotypes and the metabolic syndrome with rs6031558-rs745975-rs3212198 haplotypes in Finnish dyslipidemic families

Study sample and traitn*HaplotypeFrequencyP value
42 Finnish FCHL families230
    Total cholesterol131H1B0.150.04
60 Finnish FCHL families706
    Total cholesterol205H1B0.150.02
    Metabolic syndrome158H1A0.35NS (0.07)
39 Finnish low–HDL cholesterol families427
    Metabolic syndrome60H1B0.160.01
99 Finnish FCHL and low–HDL cholesterol families1,133
    Total cholesterol246H1B0.160.02
    Metabolic syndrome218H1A0.350.02
  • *

    * The number of genotyped and trait-affected subjects for study sample and trait, respectively;

  • haplotype frequency in all family members. H1A, risk haplotype of 1-1-2 alleles, where 1 indicates the common allele; H1B, protective haplotype of 2-1-1 alleles.