Clinical details of study subjects

Case subjectsControl subjectsFamily study probandsUnaffected siblings
Male (%)59515844
Age at diagnosis or testing (years)*51 (45–57)31 (28–35)41 (36–47)49 (43–55)
BMI (kg/m2)30.1 (26.7–34.2)24.8 (22.2–27.8)33.0 (28.9–37.4)28.1 (25.4–31.2)
Treatment D/O/I (%)11/63/2620/59/21
  • Data are median (interquartile range) unless otherwise indicated. Only successfully genotyped subjects were included. No clinical details were available for the European Cell Culture Collection population control samples, so control characteristics are for the Exeter Family Study samples only.

  • *

    * Age at diagnosis for case subjects; age at study for control subjects.

  • Control subjects and unaffected siblings were not on treatment. D/O/I, diet/oral hypoglycemic agent/insulin.