Association of immunological variables with type 2 diabetes incidence

VariableTertile parametersHazard ratio95% CIPPadj.
Intervention group
    RANTES (ng/ml)
        1st tertile8.9–42.91.00
        2nd tertile43.4–69.01.460.54–3.990.4551.000
        3rd tertile70.1–893.52.591.06–6.370.0380.190
    MIF (pg/ml)
        1st tertile158–4,9101.00
        2nd tertile4,923–8,3810.810.37–1.740.5851.000
        3rd tertile8,394–44,2310.350.14–0.900.0290.174
    CRP (mg/l)
        1st tertile0.19–1.441.00
        2nd tertile1.45–3.970.960.39–2.360.9251.000
        3rd tertile4.01–42.80.980.37–2.590.9631.000
Control group
    RANTES (ng/ml)
        1st tertile6.4–39.71.00
        2nd tertile41.0–69.80.820.41–1.610.5621.000
        3rd tertile70.7–719.01.480.83–2.640.1830.732
    MIF (pg/ml)
        1st tertile220–4,6041.00
        2nd tertile4,608–7,2700.850.48–1.530.5951.000
        3rd tertile7,292–82,4800.870.49–1.550.6351.000
    CRP (mg/l)
        1st tertile0.17–1.171.00
        2nd tertile1.18–3.512.481.22–5.000.0120.072
        3rd tertile3.56–39.61.940.86–4.370.1090.545
  • Cox regression model using tertiles of RANTES, MIF, and CRP (the first tertile is the reference group). The model also included age, sex, BMI, and 2-h glucose. Padj., P value adjusted for 6 multiple tests within a treatment group, using Holm’s step-down Bonferroni procedure.