Baseline measures of insulin secretion and sensitivity according to KCNJ11 E23K and ABCC8 A1369S genotypes in the DPP

KCNJ11 E23KE/EE/KK/KP value (E/E vs. E/K)*P value (E/E vs. K/K)*
Ins index [(μU/ml)/(mg/dl)]1.07 (0.94)1.04 (0.87)0.97 (0.79)0.0460.003
ISI [(μU/ml) × (mmol/l)]−10.161 (0.121)0.162 (0.124)0.169 (0.144)0.980.76
Fasting insulin (μU/ml)24 (16)24 (17)23 (18)0.850.73
ABCC8 A1369SS/SA/SA/AP value (S/S vs. A/S)*P value (S/S vs. A/A)*
Ins index [(μU/ml)/(mg/dl)]1.07 (0.95)1.03 (0.86)0.97 (0.81)0.02<0.01
ISI [(μU/ml) × (mmol/l)]−10.162 (0.121)0.162 (0.123)0.172 (0.145)0.870.67
Fasting insulin (μU/ml)24 (17)24 (17)22 (17)0.730.88
  • Data are median (interquartile range). The number of subjects for whom full OGTT data were available to calculate the insulinogenic index and insulin sensitivity index are displayed; a few additional subjects had fasting values only, which were used to calculate insulin sensitivity index.

  • * Nominal two-sided P values are displayed; to correct for the number of hypotheses tested, a Bonferroni correction factor of ×5 can be applied (see text for details). Ins, insulinogenic; ISI, insulin sensitivity index.