Tagging SNPs at the TNFAIP3 locus

refSNP IDSeattleSNP IDPosition*LocationVariationMAFSNPs in LD bin
rs583522UI-3255138231577Intron 1A>G0.4rs598493, rs643177, rs582757
rs5029930UI-4055138232377Intron 1A>C0.11rs5029928, rs3757173, rs719149, rs719150
rs5029933UI-5433138233755Intron 1A>G0.09rs5029925, rs5029931, rs5029936, rs5029938, rs5029943, rs5029948
rs610604UI-12789138241110Intron 6C>A0.48rs2307860, rs629953, rs5029940, rs661561
rs636617RF-193841382477093′ flankingC>T0.15
  • MAF, MAF in the Seattle Caucasian panel.

  • * Position in the Human Genome Assembly 124 (build 35). LD, linkage disequilibrium.