Systemic generation of NP396-specific CD8 T-cells in NOD-nucleoprotein+ transgenic mice

Transgenic lineNucleoprotein expressionNP396-specific cytotoxic T-cell activity*NP396-specific CD8 T-cell frequencyDiabetes (LCMV)
NOD-nucleoproteinPancreas and thymus36 ± 102.010–14 days
B6-nucleoproteinPancreas and thymus12 ± 30.83–6 months (19)
NODNone53 ± 95.5None (24)
  • Data are means ± SD (%). NOD-nucleoprotein+ transgenic mice, expressing nucleoprotein in pancreatic β-cells, were derived from line 6171. Groups of three mice were infected with 105 pfu LCMV i.p. Seven days later, spleens were harvested, and CTL activity and frequency of NP396-specific CD8 T-cells were determined.

  • *

    * CTL activity was determined directly in an ex vivo 51Cr-release assay using NP396 peptide–labeled MC57 (H-2Db) target cells. The data shown are for 50:1 effector:target ratio.

  • NP396-specific CD8 T-cell frequencies were analyzed by gating on CD8 T-cells and determining the percentage of NP396/Db tetramer+ CD8 T-cells. Numbers represent the average of the three mice per group.

  • The time frame after which the majority of the transgenic mice developed diabetes after LCMV infection is indicated.