Summary of linkage peaks for the dichotomous diabetic nephropathy trait where the nominal P value reached ≤0.003

ChromosomeEthnic groupAsymptotic P valueEmpirical P valuePeak location (cM)Flanking markers
7African American1.71 × 10−56.00 × 10−57q21.3 (104)D7S2212-D7S821
7All*8.60 × 10−57q21.3 (104)D7S2212-D7S821
10American Indian4.45 × 10−51.40 × 10−410p15.3 (0)D10S1435-D10S189
10All*1.29 × 10−410p15.3 (0)D10S1435-D10S189
14American Indian7.23 × 10−52.00 × 10−514q23.1 (55)D14S587-D14S588
14All*7.80 × 10−414q21.1 (55)D14S587-D14S588
18European American2.17 × 10−33.15 × 10−218q22.3 (116)D18S1371-D18S1390
18All*1.61 × 10−318q22.3 (116)D18S1371-D18S1390
  • Empirical P value is the permutation P value computed for 50,000 replicates.

  • *

    * Linkage evidence for the full sample was determined by post hoc pooling of the P values for all the ethnic groups using Fisher's method, as described in research design and methods. Ethnic-specific P values are reported only for those groups that showed significant evidence of linkage.

  • The flanking markers represent the nearest marker on either side of the linkage peak where there was a 1-unit drop in the P value to define the peak.