Summary of linkage peaks for urine ACR where the nominal P value reached ≤0.006

ChromosomeEthnic groupAsymptotic P valueEmpirical P value*Peak location (cM)Flanking markers
2American Indian8.24 × 10−50.00152q14.1 (124)D2S410-D2S1328
2All5.58 × 10−32q14.1 (124)D2S410-D2S1328
7European American3.76 × 10−50.00067q21.1 (91)D7S3046-D7S2212
7All3.04 × 10−47q21.1 (91)D7S3046-D7S2212
15African American1.85 × 10−40.005515q26.3 (106)D15S657-D15S642
15All2.48 × 10−315q26.3 (106)D15S657-D15S642
  • *

    * Empirical P value = permutation P value computed for 50,000 replicates;

  • the flanking markers represent the nearest marker on either side of the linkage peak where there was a 1-unit drop in the P value to define the peak.