Treatment, clinical, and biochemical parameters of type B insulin-resistant patients during therapy

PatientTime from diagnosis (months)BMI (kg/m2)Fasting blood glucose (mg/dl)Fasting plasma insulin (pmol/l)A1C (%)Leptin (μg/l)Adiponectin (mg/l)*Diabetes treatmentImmunosuppressionAnti-insulin receptor antibody titerSerum creatinine (mg/dl)/CrCL (ml/min)
1020.42441195210.2<0.151.1Metformin, 4,000 IU insulin/dayNil+++0.4/149
621.866176828.61.221.92,350 IU insulin/dayNil++0.3/152
1123.478116818.72.316.31,250 IU insulin/dayNil+0.4/157
1723.8551401589.815.61,250 IU insulin/dayNil0.4/143
2019.1854905.135.642Rosiglitazone, metformin, 450 IU insulin/day60 mg prednisone/day+++0.5/152
321.8702127.618.660Rosiglitazone, metformin, 450 IU insulin/day5 mg prednisone/day+0.5/134
302337868768.7631.31,000 IU insulin/dayPlasmapheresis, rituximab, and cyclophosphamide+++0.5/NA
1024.9692497.348.421.8Nil20 mg prednisone/day+0.7/166
4031.12371702912.1<0.154.21,400 IU insulin/dayNil+++0.6/NA
5025.610829798.48.536.21,200 IU insulin/day20 mg prednisone/day++1.4/76
6016.86312,50012.10.432.02,800 IU insulin/dayNil++0.3/NA
7020.73214285211.91.754.419,000 IU insulin/dayNil+++0.6/97
  • Reference ranges for leptin and adiponectin are the 5th–95th percentiles from sex- and BMI-matched nondiabetic controls.

  • *

    * Normal ranges for adiponectin from a control population of 515 healthy control women are 4.4–17.7 mg/l for BMI <25 kg/m2, 3.5–15.5 mg/l for BMI 25–30 kg/m2, and 2.6–14.9 mg/l for BMI 30–35 kg/m2.

  • CrCL, creatinine clearance, determined from 24-h urine collection.