Clinical characteristics of probands with an unknown genetic etiology and patients with a KATP channel mutation

CharacteristicGenetic etiology unknownKCNJ11ABCC8Comparison of KCNJ11 and ABCC8 mutation carriers (P value)
n (% male)3 (100)12 (58)13 (54)0.33
Age at diagnosis (weeks)3 (1–4)5 (0–16)4 (0–9)0.53
Age at remission (weeks)8 (17–208)45 (2–208)22 (7–52)0.14
Age when entering study (years)14 (1–31)7.5 (0.84–17)5 (0.84–16)
Diabetes relapsed (n)240
Age at relapse (years)11 (5–17)4.7 (3–15)
Gestation (weeks)38 (30–40)38 (30–40)39 (30–41)0.17
Birth weight (g)1,620 (1,100–3,373)2,570 (1,535–3,570)2,575 (1,360–3,400)0.73
Centile birth weight6 (<1st to 35th)25 (<1st to 89th)11 (<1st to 32nd)0.26
  • Data are median (range), unless otherwise indicated. Comparison of clinical characteristics of patients with KCNJ11 mutation and ABCC8 mutation. Differences between groups were calculated using Mann-Whitney U and χ2 tests. Centile birth weights were calculated according to U.K. growth charts (27) because the majority of patients were of U.K. white origin.